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Sports Shockproof Breathable Bra Top

Sports Shockproof Breathable Bra Top

Professional sports bra high-quality imported four-sided play nylon fabric shock strong, moisture perspiration breathable, padded with 95% cotton sponge pad, breathable mesh base more breathable comfort, to the chest the deepest breathing.

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Sports Shockproof Breathable Bra Top

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Sports Shockproof Breathable Bra Top

Our New Sports Bra Yoga Vest Solid Color Shockproof Breathable Outdoor Treadmill Underwear Bra Top is the ideal sports bra for your activewear collection.  The basic scoop neck and racer back design gives a classic sports bra feel with the support you desire.  This sports bra is constructed of durable activewear material for comfort stretch and a dry fit.  There is some extra space in the cup of the bra allowing for supreme under support without the need of a wire.  The racer back features a fabric constructions with a tighter weave for additional support for all of your athletic needs.

Item: No. 1215

Classic Sports Bra

Breathable Activewear Material

Solid Color

Extra Under Breast Support

No Padding

80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Machine Wash or Hand Wash

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