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Yoga Woman Beautiful,Is Through The Years Of Go With The Flow

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

Yoga is a habit.
Leisure time spread out a yoga mat, accompanied by gentle music, deep breathing, slowly exhale, began an inner journey. A quiet and comfortable from the bottom of my heart, and through the whole body.
Yoga, this is not too much sentiment.
Just practice every day, will make the heart more devout. In the dripping sweat, I will quietly appease yourself: do a yoga woman, quiet, indifferent.
Yoga woman is simple.
She is convinced that the real beauty is a kind of background, rather than let their appearance bright and bright, it is better to make the heart full of warmth. Trivial days, she would rather choose the Mexican lingering bookstore, waist and sore legs to spend a small half-day effort to browse, nor to the glory of the beauty shop and shopping malls to enjoy the hospitality of the guests.
Yoga woman is quiet.
She was afraid of noisy, especially love quiet. Sometimes though alone is not shadow only, stop and go, take a look at the scenery on the road, she is a great pleasure; those who will be in the eyebrows will be in the eyebrows, will be at the fingertips colorful, occasional ripples tempting, At some time, in practice with the sweat soaked, infected, washed away into a ray of smoke, the wind away.

Yoga woman is plain.
Water out of hibiscus, natural to whitewash. Do not love pink Dai, vegetarian Chow is her usual to do to send. Deep and shallow purple reveal the inner Yingrun; rice gray, plain white, light blue is her glamorous beauty. Plain appearance, elegant dress, simple manners, a "prime" word into a charming, a "prime" word contains a well-off.
Yoga woman is quiet.
She is not good at laughing, but not good at making friends. Bored when alone yoga, lonely chant alone; leisurely understatement, noisy in the mirror from the reward. Touching thousands of cross-eye, only three or two heart, with her, is a practical enjoyment.
Yoga woman, enough atmosphere, but also inadvertently bring a plain.
A piece of yoga, an idle book, free practice, casually look, heart moving, thinking, thinking, and so on. With the text Chung; a music, a little text, so impetuous mood in the yoga slowly fade, slowly in the scholarly calm.

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