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Why After Exercise, The Legs Will Be Sore

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Do not exercise for a long time, after a sudden high-intensity exercise, it is likely that the body muscle soreness. In fact, it is a long time no movement, the muscles did not get completely stretched before the situation. If you develop good exercise habits, you can easily enjoy the movement, and can achieve unexpected results.

For a long time did not run the students, it is recommended that you first start a good warm-up activities, followed by the beginning of the jogging, to their own system a certain plan, add a little bit every day, step by step, to prevent comparisons. Do not make a "greedy" this problem, it will cause muscle damage

For many people who want to lose weight by running, they often have such confusion: every day to run, why I still thin down? In fact, there are two main reasons:

1, the time is not long enough. At the beginning of the running time is the consumption of glycogen rather than fat, it was said that half an hour before running is someone else, the latter half an hour is their own. So think of people who pay attention to running weight loss, generally half an hour to forty minutes to lose fat Oh
2, the intensity is not enough, for a word is that the heart rate is not maintained within the reasonable range of aerobic exercise. For example, a beginner can only run side by side 5 km, then after a period of exercise, do not increase the distance, but increase the amount of running to enhance the intensity of exercise in order to achieve weight loss.
If you want to go through the running down the students, must "adhere to", can adhere to the students not only exercise the body, but also harvest the slim figure, serve multiple purposes. After the end of the operation we must remember that tendons, such as jogging a lot of the use of leg strength of the movement, not pull the next day is easy to muscle pain. Said so much, in fact, is to move up, as long as you move up, you will fall in love with running.

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Thin people have been moving up, and fat people still sleep late, the gap slowly produced. Everybody is running with the limelight of the Olympic Games, whether it is at home or gym, or park, as long as moving up, you are good. But must pay attention to do warm-up exercise and after the stretch, or the next day will be leg pain, the impact of work will be worth the candle.