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What Are The Factors That Affect The Size Of The Tops?

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The main factors affecting the finished product size of warp knitted seamless corsets jacket are: raw material, process size and pull density. At present, the warp knitting seamless product raw materials, comb the use of nylon high elastic wire 40D, the use of nylon coated yarn 20/50d.Tops 

In order to increase the tensile stiffness and enhance the corsets of the fabric, the whole red tissue is used. Therefore, the warp-knitted seamless corsets size mainly consider the pull density and process size. Pull density refers to the number of coils in the longitudinal direction of each centimeter. The process size is divided into flower height and flower width. The height of the flower is the number of rows, which affects the longitudinal dimension, the width of the longitudinal line and the transverse dimension.Tops

In the actual production, in order to reduce the broken yarn, warp knitted seamless clothing of the pull density adjustable range between 5~11. With the increase of the pulling density, the horizontal and longitudinal tightness of the finished product increases, and the transverse and longitudinal dimensions of the finished product decrease with the increase of the pulling density. In order to ensure the corsets effect, the wear elongation rate should be controlled within the appropriate range.Tops

According to the influence of the pulling density on the finished product size, this paper presents the density shrinkage forming method of the warp knitted seamless corsets blouse to meet the requirement of the waist circumference difference of corsets jacket. That is, in a molding process, by using the same pulling density of the whole seamless jacket in the past to change the pull density by a certain law, so as to control the warp-knitted seamless corsets blouse circumference size, so that it conforms to the waist curve of women's body.Tops The tensile elasticity experiment shows that the elastic requirements of the warp knitted seamless female corsets blouse are most suitable for the organization. In order to obtain the good corsets effect, the warp-knitted seamless corsets blouse should be mainly Quanghong jacquard; the density test shows that both transverse and longitudinal dimensions decrease with the increase of pulling density; the control basis of transverse and longitudinal process dimensions of warp knitted seamless corsets jacket is obtained by linear regression analysis. By wearing the clothing stress test concluded: In the wear elongation rate in 43.7% ~ 57.32% range, most in line with women seamless corsets blouse waist and abdomen pressure requirements.Tops

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