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The Popularity Of Pants Match

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2017

     Broad-legged pants have become essential to the popularity of a single product, but many people buy after the trouble does not know how to match, the friend asked the Plait, the compilation busy also did not have the time to her to speak, said: you buy the suit directly, then slowly from the middle school collocation, the back friend said really to find Meimei collocation oh. The spring has not yet had time to add new clothes? Pants
     Never mind! Shirts, clothes, long-sleeved t-shirts, these trendy, single-product basics so if you want a new year, you just need to add one to it--side striped trousers, don't underestimate the side stripes this simple and classic design, with its decoration, really immediately a little more leisure and fashionable feeling it.
     Spring, sent away the winter, do not know if you have some warm there? Although the small part of the South is really not how to experience the winter, but the temperature is really let me feel the wardrobe in the thick coat is almost slowly put away, it is time to change some of the more frivolous and stylish jacket out.Pants After the winter trend items introduced a lot of, do not know whether the beautiful women have to do ~ sometimes wonder, the same type of single product, why can the fashionable fine people to wear a very special feel? Aha, the careful machine of the fashionable fine, you haven't got it yet! Come on, let's talk about their hit, and get in the car today.Pants
     Trousers are the main clothing worn by people's lower body. Original writing "Hakama". From the unearthed cultural relics and the literature, as early as the spring and Autumn Period, people's nakedness has been wearing trousers, but at that time, the trousers are not divided between men and women, all only two trousers, the shape and the future of the chaps similar, no waist no crotch, worn on the shin, that is, the knee below the calf part, so this kind of trousers is also called "Shin" About one, two shank.Pants
      Because it has only two trousers, so the count of trousers and socks are the same, all use the word "two" to take into account, the extension of the Han Jane has such a situation. Wearing this trousers, the purpose is to visor shin, especially in winter, can play a role in keeping warm, as far as the knee above the part is not visor.Pants