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The More The More Fat, You Wrong Where?

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

As we all know, aerobic exercise is the first choice for weight loss, the thought of weight loss, the first thought is running, swimming, rope skipping and so on these aerobic exercise, but you know?

Aerobic exercise can lose weight, then it is necessary to carry out a lot of aerobic exercise every day, long-term only aerobic exercise, then you may need to under the change.
1. Effects of aerobic exercise on muscle

Your body in addition to fat and muscle, these two are very important,

If you only carry a lot of aerobic exercise every day, it will consume your muscles.

What is this principle?
The measure of muscle is the ratio of testosterone to cortisol, and as the ratio increases, the higher the muscle mass, the less the muscle content will be.

Aerobic exercise does not make the concentration of testosterone higher, coupled with the general aerobic exercise for a long time, such as a lot of people running will run an hour or more.

This will lead to increased secretion of cortisol, so we said that the ratio of nine in front of the reduction, then the muscle content must be reduced nine, less muscle content,

It will affect the basal metabolic rate, thereby reducing the efficiency of reducing fat, will be more difficult.

So do not blindly only aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise at the same time also a certain amount of oxygen-free training to increase muscle content.


2. The effect of aerobic exercise on the body

Our body is an oxidation process, like fruit, after oxidation will become yellow, black, wrinkled.

So what is the relationship between aerobic exercise? Aerobic exercise, in fact, the body to use oxygen to exercise, that is, an oxidation,

If the aerobic exercise for a long time, then the body will be too late to prepare antioxidants, can not be generated in the free radicals, resulting in accelerated body aging.
There are usually a lot of people lose weight, in addition to a lot of aerobic exercise, but also eat less, diet, etc., when your body a variety of nutrients intake of inadequate,

Then the ability to antioxidant will be weaker, so that will lead to aging faster.

This is a lot of people a lot of aerobic exercise, eat less, although the thin to see a lot, but it seems that it is bad color, no spirit, poor state, or even puffiness

This group of aerobic, anaerobic exercise at the same time the crowd slim down the state is completely different.

3. Why is aerobic exercise getting fat?

To know that aerobic exercise time is too long, it will cause adrenaline secretion to accelerate, increase its pressure,

This is when you are hungry, the brain blindly life is threatened and the storage of fat is the same.

It will lead to an increase in the cortical village. So the body will not consciously put the energy in the form of fat stored, so you will be more and more fat.
So only aerobic exercise is not enough, do not eat is unreasonable.
Weight loss is not just a physical labor, or a technical live, to health and weight loss coexistence, reasonable science and more exercise.

In addition to aerobic exercise, but also for the next strength training it.