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Reasonable Distribution Of Aerobic And Anaerobic Exercise Time

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Weight base is relatively large, to reduce fat as the main purpose of the crowd, can be allocated to time 6: 4

(An hour of exercise, 6 into the time to do aerobic exercise, 4 into the strength of training).

Squat: back straight, visual front, legs and shoulder with the same section, slowly squat, ass back seat feeling, knees try not to exceed the knee.

Hip bridge: lying on the ground, hands down the palm down on both sides of the body, legs slightly separated to slightly wider than the shoulder and bending was 60 degrees angle,

Two feet flat on the ground, waist tightened, relying on the power of the buttocks will be hips and waist lift, pause 2 seconds, and then slowly to restore the original position.

Can increase the weight, better stimulate muscle growth

Push-ups: the body must keep from the shoulder to the ankle into a straight line, arms should be placed in the chest position, his hands slightly wider than the shoulder. Inhale and sink, breathe up
Flat support: double elbow flexion supported on the ground, shoulder and elbow perpendicular to the ground, toe pedal, the body to maintain a straight line, waist and abdomen to tighten,

The head of the natural and the body in a straight line, do not tilt the buttocks, do not collapse, keep this state for some time other parts of the vacant.

Shoulder to relax, do not shrug, arms slowly elbow, the body as much as possible sinking (especially to sink buttocks), back as close as possible to support the stool, and then arms slowly hold up the body to restore

In addition, it is also recommended that you change the way under the aerobic, do not simply just running, can be used nowadays more popular HIIT, TABATA, and other high-intensity section of intermittent movement,

With the shortest possible time to achieve the best results, not only lipid reduction also reduce muscle consumption.

High leg: natural standing, and then running state, the arm naturally swing, legs exchange knee. For 100 times

Bobby jump: squat, and then hand on the ground, his hands from the shoulder wide, jumping backwards, do a push-ups, legs jump forward, the body back to squatting posture,

Forced to jump back to the standing posture. Carry out 20

Open and close: the body naturally standing, his hands on both sides of the body, jumping his legs apart, while his hands raised along the sides of the body at the top of the clap, and then hands, legs back to the beginning of action.

Can be carried out 60 times.

Your good figure comes from a complete, scientific, reasonable fitness plan and way,

So want to have a good body at the same time, do not blindly take action,