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Practice Yoga, Wrist Pain, How To Do?

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 12, 2017

In practice yoga, or long time in front of the computer work, and life in a variety of pressures, will give the belt to hurt. With some stretching action and yoga style, can help you prevent the occurrence of waist injury.

Our waist is always under great pressure, master some tips, you can give the body a good relaxation. Wrist pain in yoga is common, yoga, many of the body, the wrist to bear the weight of the body, not the right practice, will lead to weight are pressure in the wrist, wrist easily injured.

If the wrist strength is weak or very tight, but also vulnerable to injury. The following several stretching action and yoga style, can help you stretch to strengthen the wrist, reduce the pain of the wrist, to avoid injury.

Stretch the arm

Arms stretched forward, with his left hand to pull the right hand fingers. For 30 seconds. Next, bend the wrist, the direction of the fingertip toward the floor, and the other hand to bend the hand toward the body. For 30 seconds. For the other side, then repeat it again.


Clenched fist
Arms stretched forward, palm relative, hands fist, wrist slightly bent, the knuckles pulled to the body, as much as possible in a comfortable state, bending the wrist, keep 20 seconds. If you want to strengthen the stretch, then, with a hand to gently grasp the fist to pull the body.

Arms stretched forward, palm relative. Thumb to the palm of your hand bent, the other four fingers bent on the thumb, the little finger on the side of the direction of the press, pay attention to the surrounding area of the thumb stretch, keep 30 seconds. Keep the station three-dimensional, two arms stretched forward, put his hand on the wall, the other hand to gently pull your fingers. For 30 seconds. And then repeat the other side.


Arm on the move
Fingers cross, put on the head. Palms flip up. Shrugged, away from ears. At the same time, straighten your arms toward the sky. For 30 seconds. Next, do not move, bend and then straighten the arm, repeat a few times, make the shoulder more flexible. Do not force the arm and the spine parallel, otherwise it will damage to your rotating muscle sleeves. Listen to the command of the body, if you feel pain, stop. Hands in the back enough, you can also use stretching to help.


This is much like a gorilla, but it can be a good massage to the wrist. Standing flexion, gently bending the knee, palm up at the foot. If you want to put your toes on the wrist, try to bend the knee, to ensure that your quadriceps force. Once you feel stable, put your body on the big toe and massage your wrist with your toes.


Relax your wrist and strengthen the wrist strength of the simple exercises, can be a good way to reduce the wrist pain, so you can enjoy the fun of anytime, anywhere!