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Practice Yoga This Matter,Where The Difficulties In The End?

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Need to master the right way to keep your yoga practicing along the right path,
1, breathing is the soul of yoga, practice style must be with the correct breathing and breathing are usually carried out with the nostril, unless there is a special description of the posture. Breathing methods generally use natural breathing, part of the action will use abdominal breathing to relieve the pressure of the chest. Most of the exercises are stretching exercises without breath, deep, slow breathing, breath and movement to carry out, especially to keep the action even more so.
2, the practice should be barefoot so that you can relax your feet and feet have better adhesion, feeling directly official, posture and more stable. In addition, you can also play the role of hit the foot of the foot. The weather is particularly cold, you can wear socks, but must have a good anti-skid yoga socks, ordinary socks easy to slip, leading to injury.

3, the best practice before the fasting to maintain fasting 3-4 hours, at least 1-2 hours should also be, the burden of the stomach can not be too heavy. Yoga posture is the body of the spine as the center, before and after, around the stretch, squeeze, heavy stomach burden will make practitioners in the course of practice nausea, headache, chest tightness, serious or even appear Vomiting.
4, practice within 1 hour after not eating a lot of food practice, our stomach are in a relaxed state of rest, immediately diet will cause the stomach to bear too much. In addition, after the end of the exercise, the body's blood distributed in the body's bones, muscle immediately eat food will make a lot of blood flow to the stomach, leaving the heart of the blood flow greatly reduced. Leading to increased cardiac burden.

5, bathing, sauna after 30 minutes should not do yoga bath to speed up the blood circulation, yoga exercises also promote blood circulation, which is bound to speed up the heart rate, increase the burden on the heart. Indian yoga practitioners usually practice cold water bath before the practice is to clean the body, the body's blood circulation is slowed down, it will not increase the burden on the heart.
6, after practice do not immediately bathing sebum and sweat will form a sebum film, can play a very good role in nourishing the skin (which is yoga with beauty skin care effect of one of the reasons). Immediately bathing will destroy this beneficial substance. It is recommended not to bath immediately, breathing and heartbeat back to normal after bathing.

7, practice to use professional yoga mat to kneel up on the knee is not painful. The gym is used to practice aerobics mats to practice yoga is not safe. Too thick will lead to the completion of certain actions can not get the necessary support, serious will hurt the bones. On the contrary, if the mat is too hard to get the proper protection, light caused by inflammation of the affected parts, severe cases will hurt the joints, the normal function of bones
8, the position exercise to be able to do it, step by step practice yoga style, should be based on their maximum prevail, do not have to do the same and the teacher action, practice should be gradual, not anxious, do their own limit is The most secure, the most effective, the practice of any discomfort or uncomfortable procedures should immediately stop practicing.

9, should ensure that practice 3-4 times a week, at least 2 times in accordance with the practice of yoga strict practice should adhere to every day. If there is no large time practice, can be divided into several hours of practice can also, it is important to develop the habit of practice. To achieve the effect should be guaranteed at least twice a week or more.