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Practice Yoga, And Ultimately A Few Pieces Of Clothes

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2017

There are many black pants, this is different, nylon fabric high elastic force, give you support the energy of the muscles, yoga fitness shopping, as long as you like it all line ~
This section is black and white stripes net yarn stitching pants, waist widening design, enhance the support of the waist.
Segmented high-elastic mesh stitching design Leggings, balance fashion and comfort, with the body to think about the cutting ratio, to achieve hip, elongated leg ratio of visual effects. Mercerized high-elastic air fabric, sexy without losing the functional movement.


Spring quietly drifting, beautiful summer and beautiful one to fall in love with the color, I am more attracted to the sky blue, do not pick people, do not pick the body, was thin, quick dry breathable, moisture perspiration, stretch comfort


Since the national fitness wave whistling to, sports tights has become a standard sports fitness, which can see it in the shadow. Light stretch fabric, comfortable fit the body every inch of the skin, bring fresh and unparalleled sports experience and free exercise space, fashion cool camouflage stitching, publicity unruly to the trend of color.