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Morning Yoga, Activities About The Spine, Keep The Young Tips

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 06, 2017

Should have heard, "how healthy the spine, people have more young." Why do you say this way? In the spine, the distribution of a lot of nerve, control the body's vital organs.
Second, the external shape of the spine on a person's body a great influence, the extension of the spine can make people look full of vitality, health, self-confidence.
So it is very important to have a spine in the morning and recommend a set of activities for the spine's yoga practice.
1.New moon type
Right leg knees 90 °, left leg knee calf back to paste
Abdominal adduction, thoracic spine extension, hand up
Keep 5 breaths


2.Crescent twist
On the basis of a body, left hand stays, right hand upward extension
Twist the spine to the right
Keep 5 breaths


3. goddess variant
On the basis of the previous one, back to the crescent
And then left foot, hands with the body
Turn your feet outward, hands open to both sides, knees 90 degrees


4.Keep 5 breaths
Goddess twist
On the basis of the previous one, his hands on the thigh near the knee position
Twist to the left, look at the left rear, keep 5 breaths, repeat


5. standing on a flexion
On the basis of the previous one, return to the goddess variant
Legs straight, feet forward, forward down folding
Hands stays, the top vertex, spine extension, keep 5 breaths


6. Riding
On the basis of the above, turn the body to the right
Right foot forward, left lift up
Right knee 90 °, left leg straight
Hands stays, spine extension