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Introduction To Different Types Of Skirts

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2017

     A skirt with a zigzag from the waist to the hem. Many use cotton, silk, thin and chemical fiber fabrics and other materials. According to the skirt type composition can be divided into one-piece oblique skirt and multiple oblique skirt. Single-piece oblique skirt also known as the round Table skirt. is a piece of width and length of the same fabric, in the central cut out waist hole skirt, it is advisable to choose soft thin fabric. Multi-Slice oblique skirt is composed of two slices of fan-shaped fabric longitudinal stitching. Usually named after the number of tablets, there are two oblique skirts, 4 oblique skirt, 16 oblique skirt and so on.Skirts
    The common varieties are bell-shaped skirts, horn skirts, miniskirts, pleated skirts and skirts. Bell-shaped skirt. A skirt shaped like a bell. A petticoat with a nega lining or linen cloth used to drape a skirt in the waist. Horn skirt. The upper part of the skirt is closely attached with the human waist and hips, which is tilted downward by the hip line and is shaped like a trumpet. Miniskirt: mini skirt. Pleated skirts. A skirt with a pleated shape. Usually, high plasticity fabrics are used to heat and press out the pleated shape. There are pleated, pleated skirts and so on.Skirts
    The pleated skirt is a wide-sided, bright pleated and dark pleat. Pleated skirts are usually in the hips above the area for the tuck seam, the hip line below for the hot work pleat. Pleated skirts are generally wider and more varied than pleated. Section skirt. Also known as the tower skirt. The skirt is layered with multiple horizontal slices, and the shape is like a tower. Usually for the drag of long skirts, each piece of skirt to draw the fold, to produce a wave effect. In the early 19th century, the European royalty prevailed and was worn for grand social occasions. The skirt has been shortened to facilitate daily wear.Skirts
     A skirt with a tail-shaped skirt. Waist, buttocks and thighs in the middle of a composite shape, downward gradually release hem into the tail-shaped. Start to expand the position of the fish tail and the size of the tail expansion according to individual needs. In order to ensure "fish maw" measurements fit and "tail" wave potential uniformity, the tail skirt more than six pieces of structural form, such as six-piece fish skirt, eight-piece fish skirt and 12-piece fish skirt.Skirts