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Development Design Of Skirts

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

If you choose suitable for design, wear purpose and seasonal fabrics, then like cotton, wool, silk and chemical fiber, etc. can be. However, because it should be with shirts, sweaters and suits and other tops, so choose cloth, must take into account the upper and lower harmonic. specified in the various skirt items. Jane Skirt, also known as tight skirt, is a fitting skirt. Generally from the waist to the hips close to the body, straight line extended to the hem of the straight simple shape.Skirts

In the Han Dynasty, skirts were spread out, but the tops were very short and the skirts were very long, such as the dresses of modern Koreans. There is such a clear reflection of the costumes of the extant Han Dynasty terracotta Warriors and dancers. At that time, the skirts were wrinkled, the so-called "pleated skirt".Skirts 

In modern times, Western skirts have been introduced into our country, which has become the important clothing of people's daily wear, which gradually replaces the traditional skirts. In the 560 's, influenced by the Soviet Union, popular Bragi dresses. Skirts were strictly restricted during the Cultural Revolution. After the reform and opening-up, skirts are back in vogue. miniskirts, suspenders and other skirts have been introduced into mainland China, and the variety of skirts is growing.Skirts

The size difference between waist circumference and hip circumference is treated with side seam, seam and suction quantity. The curvature of the side stitches from the waist circumference to the hips is best not to be too strong in terms of styling or production. Therefore, the waist, the buttock difference is bigger, may increase the quantity of the province. In order to create a three-dimensional shape from the waist to the hips, the province must draw an arc. And it can also prevent the sharp rise of the province. Pleated skirts are pleated on both sides and are designed to be brisk. The number of folds, according to hobbies and different styles, choose 1 to 3.Skirts