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Cutting Design Of Leggings

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

The rear curl of the trousers refers to the elevation of the waist seam at the crotch seams. Generally speaking, because of the posterior crotch seam there is a sleepy potential. It leads to the emergence of posterior warping. If the crotch seam does not have a trapped potential.Leggings 

Then there is no need to tilt, after the crotch seam is more difficult, the greater the latter, the smaller the reverse. Because when the crotch seam is trapped, the angle between the crotch seam and the waist seam must be greater than 90 degrees (assuming that the rear end is 0) and the concave angle will appear after the crotch seam is fitted to the upper end.Leggings

The greater the posterior crotch seam is, the greater the concave angle is, the lower the recess is only at the concave angle. In order to eliminate the concave angle, the rear end of the trousers is produced.Leggings

Regardless of the likelihood of the above, the method of determining the rear-warping is the same, that is, to take the midpoint of the waist seam. The posterior crotch seam is stitched with the lower back seam.Leggings 

The angle of the posterior lumbar gap must be 90 degrees. After crotch seam sleepy potential refers to the upper end of the crotch seam, if the crotch seam is too small, then the human activity is inconvenient, lower limb flexion is constrained, the lower part of the waist, so as to "empty." On the other hand, the human body activity is neat, the lower limb stretch is convenient, but standing, the buttocks Center is apt to appear more vertical ripple.Leggings

Tight pants can foil the body curve, especially tights can outline the curve of the waist, so that their hips appear more perfect, so that the legs appear slender. So it's a woman's favorite, but if you don't wear it, you'll expose your flaws.

Then how much more reasonable should the crotch seam trap be? Some people think that the size of the sleepy potential is related to the hips.Leggings 

The smaller the hip waist, the smaller the sleepy potential, the greater the hip waist, the greater the sleepy potential, which is still applicable to the general body size, but the special body size of the people do not apply, because they ignore the convex buttocks fat belly and many other factors. We think that. The size of the potential is mainly related to the height of the hips (in the case of the same straight crotch). Buttocks high, then the crotch seam sleepy potential corresponding larger, lower buttocks, then the crotch seam trap is correspondingly small, therefore, the size of the sleepy potential is just a measure of the level of the hip.Leggings