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Autumn Is Getting Started, Are You Really Ready For Fitness?

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 09, 2017

Autumn really come, autumn, the temperature is pleasant, and finally no longer walk around the wet clothes, flower makeup, hot dog.
This kind of weather is really suitable for exercise, fitness good season Yeah, to continue to adhere to the big long legs, vest line, peach buttocks waiting for me ah.

What, you have not started to exercise it, well, now is the best start, to your fitness set a can achieve the "small target", for example, I first practice a vest line.
But the autumn temperature is reduced, sooner or later the temperature difference, the body in the seasonal alternating period of immunity in a relatively fragile stage, so fitness must pay more attention.

1, there are morning running habits of the sister to pay attention to the morning running do not start too early, the sun came out before not to exercise, because this time the air is not the upper and lower circulation, the air in a variety of harmful and healthy material has not spread , Concentrated in the lower air, this time running easy to inhale the body, causing respiratory disease.

Air quality is not good, such as when the haze do not run outdoors, sports honesty, higher life prices ah.
2, although the cool autumn for exercise, but also step by step, arrange the rhythm, do not be too tired, exercise is not good, it may also affect the body's immune system, infection disease. To listen to the sound of the body, rest is for better exercise.

3, before the start of the exercise to fully warm up, so that joint and ligament activities open. The lower the temperature in the fall, and the human body in the low temperature environment, muscle and joint flexibility was significantly reduced, the corresponding bounce ability and muscle control of the body's ability also decreased, so every time before the fitness must be fully warm up, you can do some activities Joint movements, low-intensity exercise and stretching movements to avoid sports injuries.
4, pay attention to the fall of the climate gradually dry, in the beginning before the exercise can be appropriate to add water to keep the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane moist, dry weather will make the movement of body water loss faster more, the movement can also be a small mouth to drink water, After exercise is also appropriate water, can improve the upper airway on the cold air to adapt.
5, to prevent the cold cold, autumn and winter temperature difference between the morning and winter, according to the temperature and body heat to increase or decrease the clothes, do not wear too little at the beginning, should be in the warm-up, the body fever and then take off the extra clothes. After the end of exercise do not wear already sweat clothes hair, put on dry clothes in time to prevent the cold.
6, a reasonable nutritional supplement, pay attention to nutritional balance, diet important attention to intake of adequate protein, vegetables and fruits, nor for thin and blindly do not eat carbohydrates and fats, especially after the fitness of carbohydrates in time to add is very important.