Sport Leggings

Stitching Casual Sports Fitness Yoga Leggings

Stitching Casual Sports Fitness Yoga Leggings

The use of high-elastic fabric, wearing comfortable, wrapped force is very good, so that the movement more powerful and can slow down the muscles after severe exercise pain, long-term wear can also maintain the original version of the type, the fabric contains hydrophilic capillary absorption of fiber, Can quickly absorb sweat, and through the fabric fiber gap will be generated by the heat generated by the body to speed up the skin surface heat.

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Stitching Casual Sports Fitness Yoga Leggings

Whether you need a great looking casual sporty leg fashion piece or a fabulous light weight legging for your workout, you'll do it in style with our Sport Leggings.Made from a light weight durable and high quality polyester spandex fabric blend, these heather gray active wear bottoms are constructed to give you that must have 360 degree stretch and moisture wicking to comfortably get you through any workout, while not compromising a fashionable look. Neon and black accents give this sporty leg fashion piece a cool touch so you can continue to wear them as a trendy casual piece after you finish up at the gym.


· Full Length Fitness Leggings

· Neon Seam and Black Color Block Accents

· Light Weight Fabric with Natural Quick Dry Moisture Wicking

· 360 Degree Stretch

· All Day Comfort Activewear

· 95% Polyester 5% Spandex

· Hand Wash or Professional Wash

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