Leopard Leggings

Peacock Leopard Leggings With Buddhist Monastery Printing

Peacock Leopard Leggings With Buddhist Monastery Printing

Personalized work fine, pattern style wild, Slim was thin, 365 days to wear! Milk silk fabric, silky soft skin, feel comfortable, big stretch is not tight, regardless of the occasion of age does not pick the body!

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Dress your legs up in the alluring look of our Peacock leopard Leggings. A stunning peacock  space sky creates the beautiful scene featured on these bottoms resulting in a comfy and captivating fashion piece. "Where did you get those?" will surely become a phrase you here often when you wear these amazing leggings out in public. Whether you want to lounge around the house, create fun casual outfits, or go out to the club, these can be styled for either.


  • Gorgeous Jungle Print Fabric Design

  • Comfort Elastic Waist

  • Amazing High Quality Spring and Summer Fabric

  • Sassy Look with an Easy to Mix and Match Style

  • 95% Polyester 5% Spandex

  • Hand Wash - Professional Wash - Machine Wash Delicate Hang Dry



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