Floral Leggings

Printed Women's Casual Yoga Leggings

Printed Women's Casual Yoga Leggings

Floral Printing Leggings In Multi-color ,The fabric is a high quality ultra comfortable polyester blend . Either hand wash or professional cleaning or machine washing, leggings is Features an Easy to Style Neutral Color Scheme Design,have Comfort Elastic Waist Super Sexy Fit with a Sleek Look.

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Printed Women's  Casual Yoga  Leggings

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Printed Women's  Casual Yoga  Leggings

Elegant and elegant printed pants, supple lines and self-cultivation of the outline, with the free, so you enjoy the comfortable and comfortable high-end life, natural environmental protection fabrics, comfortable breathable, stretch stretch, so that every inch of skin and natural intimate contact, Trousers let you wear comfortable not tight, suitable for different size, through the trousers, fit the leg lines, wearing a comfortable type.

l Item: No. 358-05

Fitness Leggings

Easy to Style Neutral Color Scheme

Natural Moisture Wicking Fabric

Superior 360 Degree Stretch Material

92% Polyester 8% Spandex

Hand Wash or Professional Wash


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