Cotton Leggings

Coton Jarcquard 2 Tones Tights

Classic loose, high elastic natural fiber backing Qiuku, when the weather is cooler, you really need such a leggings, and thin, soft, close, stretch super good, natural environmental protection fabric without any Irritation, sleep at night can also be a pajamas. Dancing pro who can wear Oh, stretch freely, very close.

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Coton Jarcquard 2 tones tights

Coton Jarcquard 2 tones tights

 These seamless tights will add a wonderful fashion style to your entire wardrobe with a very versatile and stunning fashion sense. They are durable and at the same time, warm and fashion. If you need an inexpensive way to get dressed up for a night out our Cotton Jacquard 2 Tones Tights will do that and so much more. They are perfect for accenting and mixing and matching with all of your tops and accessories.

● Medium Rise Comfort Waist

● Tight Fit

● Comfort Fabric Waist

● Full Length

● 92% Cotton 8% Spandex

● Machine Wash or Hand Wash

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