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Archaeological Discoveries--pants

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 12, 2016

Archaeological Discoveries

Chinese and German archaeologists recently (May-June 2014) Turpan in China within the sea tombs discovered two pairs of pants, which may be the oldest ever found pants, dating back to 3300 years ago. The findings also support another view that the pants are designed for riding nomads invention. Toga gowns and other clothing is not suitable for riding pants will rise, and only then to the Han Dynasty have crotch pants called "pants."

Pants difference editor

Because men and women in the presence of a relatively large size differences, so during cutting on the existence of

boot cut pant

boot cut pant

In different ways, following a brief introduction about the relationship and differences between men and women trousers structure.

Lower lumbar section of the male body, the lumbar section of the female body than the waist section male figure to be higher, so they decided pants long pants and trousers, the file is larger than the same height.

Because of the physiological differences between men and women so we decided on the concave potential trousers before the file is larger than the female, but also determines the total closure provided on the front center position, while the front and rear pants are free to set determines the front placket pants can be designed and M pants but can not.