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Vest type

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2016


Best cool vests. Small a tube top, two harnesses, neck, shoulders, breasts and beautiful back glance. Knitting, Pinstripe, horizontal; oblique wavy, is the m-zone, big girl little girl to wear, is the magnificent scenery in the summer.

V-neck vest

Remove the sleeves, dig deep neckline, leaving the backbone. Nothing is superfluous and redundant, not stuffy, and good ventilation.

Shoulder vest

Not so bold to put on the other shoulder, always worrying if accidentally slid down, subconsciously going to drag out. People have the courage to bare shoulders, but also have a certain degree of "evil", like a strange tales of fairies, without blinking your eye, she can still vary, take your breath away.

Bare-shoulder tank top

This season of bare shoulder and strapless heart returned again, and most stylish, representative of the style are decorated with bows, fold or fabric using Quattro eyes of stamp design.