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Source of vest

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2016

crotch of Wei, Jin and the southern and Northern dynasties in China is the prototype of the vest, open-collar sleeveless corset dress, faux .crotch armor of the Han dynasty, take the "when careful" meaning (see figure), the Song dynasty known as the vest. Qing dynasty, the vests varied in form, dajin, black, pipa lapel and worn by both men and women. One of the pectoral cross a row of 13 New Zealand "Batulu (Manchu Warrior) vest" for court officials, and also for General officers wear, soldiers will vest as a livery. The Republic of China, working people will vest as a coat. Wearing vests are common in modern life. Vest General named by their materials, such as wool vest and leather jacket. It can be made into a single folder, and can also fill in the clip vest wadding. Wadding materials respectively, said cotton vest, cashmere vest, down vest, etc.

Sleeveless, also called a vest or waistcoat, a collarless, sleeveless and short coat. Main function is to make holding the chest area and hands before and after activity. It can put on his coat, and can also be worn in the underwear outside. Main varieties of various shapes suit vest, cotton vests, down vest and wool vests, etc.