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Short skirt 50 years of development

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2016

Mini (mini skirt) also known as miniskirts, refers to the length of the skirt above the knee. France designers andelie·kuleire (Courr Andr é è GES) 6-inch cut to the knee, equivalent to about 15 cm skirt mini skirt. Upskirt best combination, is matching the boots to wear, matching boots more show the vitality of youth, and then with the high heels, stretch leg length.

Although France designers andelie·kuleire (Courr Andr é è GES) is also often referred to as is the inventor of the mini-skirt, generally is credited with the invention of the mini mini car inspired fashion designers Mali·kuiente (Mary Quant). Therefore, mini-inventor of the dispute and also play.

Some people believe that Helen Rose is a 1956 science fiction film "the forgotten planet" (Forbidden Planet) produced by actress Anne Francis miniskirt is the origin of the miniskirt.