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How to choose suitable vest

Yomsong Leggings Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2016

Around full-dark v neck vest or loose fitting patterned vests will fit you can shrink your body appropriately, can also transfer other people's line of sight.

Wai flat flat-chested girls on shoulders are thin, full of "skinny beauty", the most popular cut shoulder-length vest is perfect for you. Strap is located close to the neck, neckline very high and small folds, highlighting the curve of the shoulder, a certain sense of fullness in the chest, dark skin, put on it is more healthy and dynamic.

Waist-the waist is too thick is more trouble. You may wish to try a hem wide a-vests or waist and a shoulder line design, can be a little shift in sight.

Shoulder-shoulder dress is an outline and inverted triangle tough line will inevitably lack of femininity. If you select a high neck, wide straps, can slightly wrap arm and shoulder joint vest, you can change the Visual effects.